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    Scared to go to my school's health center

    I'm afraid to post this, but this forum has been an excellent resource for me since I was 13 so I figure that it's a good place to start. Back then, I was diagnosed with GAD.
    I'm 19 now, and I think that I have depression. My issue is that I am away at college, and my school is notorious for having a less than adequate health center. I know that I need therapy, but I'm afraid to go there and face health services for myself.
    I'm just so tired. My anxiety makes me so tired. And I don't think that I am explicitly suicidal, but I've been having vague thoughts lately like "I don't know how much longer I can do this". I feel like I can't even see into a month from now because I'm so convinced that I'm going to fail myself by giving energy to these thoughts. I have moments where I feel okay, but it always seems like the good days are immediately covered by this dark grey blanket.
    I'm just looking for some encouragement and some advice on how to approach my school's health center. I'm really afraid and I would love to feel consistently happy, or at the very least content like I used to be.

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    Re: Scared to go to my school's health center

    Yup, that’s depression all right. And depression goes hand in hand with GAD, so I’m not surprised you’re experiencing it. Having no motivation to go is part of the depression as well. If I were you I would tell a friend. You need a good kick in the butt from a friend that can come to your dorm room, knock on the door till you get out of bed, and go with you to the health center.
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