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Thread: Worried About Texting/Deleting Texts in my Sleep and Not Remembering

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    Worried About Texting/Deleting Texts in my Sleep and Not Remembering

    So, I have had a random fear for the past few weeks that is basically about my phone and texting. I am constantly worried about my messages not going through and people thinking I'm ignoring them or vice versa, other people's messages not getting through to me... and also them thinking I'm ignoring them. It has recently evolved even more, and now I'm constantly afraid of accidentally deleting a message before reading/responding to it... I can usually talk myself out of that one because of how hard it would be to press my phone in just the right way/sequence to delete a text. Thankfully, since there are a few steps to that process, I've been able to reassure myself. Timestamps help too. At least during the day, because even if you delete a text, the messages list will still show the timestamp of the deleted text. Okay, well, as we all know, reassurance seeking never helps... all those things said, my brain has taken it one step further. I usually put my phone on airplane mode when I sleep so that I don't get woken up by any notifications/texts. Well, last night, I was really tired and went to sleep quite early. I woke up around 11:30 PM and turned airplane mode off (also important to note that my anxiety is heightened because I'm waiting on a text from a guy I've been casually dating and that is whose message I'm so worried about having accidentally deleted) and there was a text from my friend which I responded to, and then *I think* turned airplane mode back on and went back to sleep. However, I either had a dream or a sleepy thought that I received another message OR I actually did receive another message, but there is no evidence of that in my phone and because it's the next day, timestamps only read "yesterday" so there would be no way to know if I received something and then deleted it. I'm just so worried that I, in a sleepwalking state, or even just a very sleepy state, deleted the message I've been waiting on, and there is no way to know. I'm usually able to say to myself, "If you're not sure if something happened, then it probably didn't happen." But that's hard for me to do in this circumstance because I'm unsure if it happened while I was half asleep...

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    Re: Worried About Texting/Deleting Texts in my Sleep and Not Remembering

    I'm also now worried about having accidentally blocked certain numbers either without realizing or again, while sleeping/in a sleepy disassociated state. I went to check the blocked caller list and there were 3 phone numbers I didn't recognize but must have blocked at some point, but none of them were ones I was worried about, but of course this reassurance seeking didn't help because going to that blocked caller list made me better able to envision myself adding a number to that list. So my brain obviously jumps to, well the number wasn't there, but you accidentally added it while checking. It's a viscous cycle.

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    Re: Worried About Texting/Deleting Texts in my Sleep and Not Remembering

    Perhaps you could do some relaxation exercises before sleep so that you can clear your mind and move out of your anxiety.

    Also a good idea is to put your phone in a different room but Iím not sure that will help your actual anxiety problem.

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