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Thread: Skinny skinny poop

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    Skinny skinny poop

    I've been having constipation problems since the beginning of summer. But I found that with enough metamucil, I can control it and was having relatively normal stools. Well I found out I was pregnant a couple of weeks ago. Along with pregnancy can come even more constipation and general yuckiness made me skip the metamucil because I haven't been drinking as much water as I should. I was starting to have hard stools so I took some miralax and stool softeners. Now I'm having the skinniest poop I've ever had. I'm talking the width of a finger. It's freaking me out! And I don't really get the urge to go, it just comes out when I pee and it comes out like diarrhea but in skinny formed stools. Just two weeks ago I was having normal stool with normal width and now this! Freaking out and hoping it's just the stool softeners and pregnancy causing this but nervous something more sinister is. A tumor making stool skinny couldn't just happen that fast could it?
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    Re: Skinny skinny poop

    I’m sorry,but did you measure your poo?
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    Re: Skinny skinny poop

    Lol no....where did I say I measured it? I said it looked like the width of a finger, not that I measured it. Like when people say pencil thin.

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    Re: Skinny skinny poop

    I had that last week

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    Re: Skinny skinny poop

    In my experience itís common, Iíve had it more than once.

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