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    Re: Zapped of energy and motivation

    Quote Originally Posted by pulisa View Post
    Don't analyse how you are feeling-just get up and get on with your tasks no matter how bad you feel. It will give you a sense of purpose and I imagine that you need a routine with your ASD, Wired?
    Routine is a big thing. It's all been thrown out of wack recently which doesn't help things. Being out of routine is enough to cause some mental difficulties. With my son starting secondary school there's been a lot of changes I'm not fully adjusted. With my sleeping pattern changing (the meds always mess with my sleeping pattern) I've had to adjust to that too. I need to get some routine back in order. Thank you for noticing that.
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    Re: Zapped of energy and motivation

    Yes, when I get out of my routine, it really messes with my system. Keeping my routine is paramount, but always isn't possible.

    Luckily my job is super fast paced, and when I'm at my job, I don't have the time to think about me. My worst times are in the morning, getting out of bed, driving to work alone, and driving home alone from work.
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    Re: Zapped of energy and motivation

    You might do well with the Law of Attraction. It seems to bridge the gap between science and religion.

    I'm not religious at all, as you know...but I do accept that there are forces at work beyond the scope of understanding or explanation.

    Put simply, you can reprogram your brain on a fundamental level, your subconscious cannot discern a difference between reality, imagination, dream states or daydreaming. You are what you think etc.

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