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Thread: Ranitidine scare

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    Ranitidine scare

    I first heard about the ranitidine/zantac scare last week and was reassured because it was said then that you will likely encounter more of the NDMA possible cancer causing ingredient in food. This morning all that seems to have changed, theyíre talking about it containing much higher levels than is safe daily and many countries (except mine so far - UK) recalling the drug pending further investigations. Iíve read one article which says a safe daily amount is 1 mg and some ranitidine tablets contain 3000. Advice is no immediate panic, but then a casual ďthis might be a good time to see your doctor to discuss alternatives.Ē Iíve been taking 150 mg (prescribed by my doctor) twice a day for about 8 years. Iím trying very hard not to let this trigger a panic and health anxiety; Iím been good for so long now. But Iím not able to do anything now today but research and research and Iím scaring myself.

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    Re: Ranitidine scare

    The UK has very strict controls on any medication
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    Re: Ranitidine scare

    I realise there is no answer to this until the EMA have done their review to cover EU countries.

    But I think you have to hold on to the fact if this was a real cancer trigger risk doctors further down the cancer research chain would be picking it up. So, if it is a risk it may be very small or an additive to other risks (that many more of us are likely to have anyone e.g. weight).

    From the previous case found in 2018 with some blood pressure meds this is about impurities in the manufacturing process. This might mean firms in some countries are more the focus and perhaps more the generics due to less stringent local laws. I say might but you still can't get meds into our chains without them being compliant to EU medical laws anyway.

    But I was considering the previous issue in 2018 where the EMA found the highest risk from manufacturers from Zhejiang Huahai in China. The EMA found the risk to be 22 extra cases of cancer for 100k patients who used it for 6 years at highest dose (which suggests it decreases along with dose to me) including NDMA. And 8 in 100k for 4 years where it included NDEA.

    The EMA declare:

    The estimates have been extrapolated from animal studies and are very low compared with the lifetime risk of cancer in the EU (1 in 2).
    Consider the numbers above. For NDMA = 0.00022 chance. For NDEA = 0.00008 chance.
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    Re: Ranitidine scare

    Those numbers do sound reassuring, thanks. It might be a little late after taking it all this time, but Iíve stopped for now at least. After about 5 days without, Iím experiencing heartburn, but Iím persevering and using Gaviscon as needed, in the hope that it will settle and I can stop medication completely. If not Iíll have to go and see my doctor.

    I see that the UK have now recalled one brand.

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