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Thread: Scared I have bowel/colon cancer

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    Scared I have bowel/colon cancer

    I've been trying to keep calm but these past few days have been hell.

    This all started around November last year. I was getting stomach ache under my left ribs. Went to doctors a few times to have blood tests and stool tests and they all came back clear. Had more tests done and found I had h.pylori at one point and was treated with antibiotics and a proton pump inhibitor. This seemed to help somewhat but my stomach aches came back when off of them. Was retested for it and I was negative.

    PPI's seemed to help until my pain came back whilst on them, I was then sent to a gastro specialist in August who sent me for an endoscopy and ultrasound 3 weeks ago. I got my results back this week where the ultrasound said that I have 3 polyps on my gallbladder and my endoscopy showed a small hernia in my stomach, but these shouldn't be causing me pain.

    What's worrying is that over the last 2 weeks, I've began getting pain in the right side of my abdomen and upper back too, as well as finding small traces of mucus in my stools when going to the loo.

    My gastro doc has now requested a colonoscopy since the endoscopy results appear to not reveal enough.

    I've read that bowel and colon cancer can be slow growing and so because I've been having these pains for nearly a year and my pain has not got worse, I'm terrified they've not found it in time :(

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    Re: Scared I have bowel/colon cancer

    It could also just be IBS

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