As the title says I started my new job yesterday and Iím really struggling. Iíve been awake all night nearly. My anxiety has been getting worse before this point. It seems a lot mite intense than before. We have had a lot of money worries and I have been really worried about that. My anxiety has been creeping up for weeks and nothing Iím doing is improving that. On Tuesday my little girl had to go to the hospital she has had a few health problems I was fine then all of a sudden my heart started to race and I felt awful I felt like I was going to collapse on the train and this carried on all night. Yesterday I started a new job at a school I spent the whole day having a silent panic attack. I was in a lesson and felt the worst I have felt in my life and it destroyed my first day. I have been away on and off all night with hardly any sleep. I donít want to go to work this morning but at the same time I do. I keep worrying everyone is laughing at me. I really want this job but my anxiety is destroying it. My husband is away with work so I have nobody at home except my four children. I feel like Iím having a nervous breakdown. Iím more nervous and shaky than I am fine at the moment. Iím scared