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    Wings flapping near me

    Hey guys, I know this sounds ridiculous, but one week ago by boyfriend and I were walking home from work at 2 am. When I walked past a bush, I heard a flapping noise, like I startled something, I jumped away and screamed, as usual lol. So the next day I got scared. What if it was a bat? What if it bit me? Then I saw a bump on the arm that was close to the bush, it was itchy though, so I'm unsure if it was a mosquito bite, or if I unknowingly got bit by a bat? Boyfriend says he saw nothing flying out or anything.. I'm just worried, like always..

    Heres a picture, I see 2 holes..

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    Re: Wings flapping near me

    Quote Originally Posted by Eloquente View Post
    if I unknowingly got bit by a bat?
    you cannot unknowingly get bitten by a bat
    Emmz xx

    nolite te basstardes carborundorum

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