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Thread: Outpatient appointment made for me.

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    Outpatient appointment made for me.

    Hi, I had a hospital appointment in sep for heart palpitations and everything was fine on ECG. The letter I got that was sent to my docs was to lose weight and a blood test in 3 months to re-check thyroid. They said there waiting for heart monitor results and will discharge back to gp's care. I now have a letter for an appointment in cardiolgy in Jan. Im now really worried. Is this a normal appointment to discharge someone? Or have they found something on the heart monitor?

    Really nervous :(

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    Re: Outpatient appointment made for me.

    You were discharged and it's common practice to have a followup to discuss the final results. If it were even close to serious, would they make you wait 3 months to find out? You can always call to inquire.

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    Re: Outpatient appointment made for me.

    True true. Thanks for your reply. Just the letter didnt say why they wanted to see me. Hate anxiety problems. ECG was all good so I suppose it is to discharge me. Just dont know why the docs letter they sent says if they find nout they will discharge me. I think im reading tok much into it

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    Re: Outpatient appointment made for me.

    Probably to do a stress test. It's standard procedure to follow up things like this.

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    Re: Outpatient appointment made for me.

    Im hoping its to discharge me. Above poster does make sense as its 3 months to the appointment.

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    Re: Outpatient appointment made for me.

    I would've thought it would be for a chat and to discharge you. If it was for a stress test it would say, but it may be something your Consultant wants and arrange for a later date after your chat.

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    Re: Outpatient appointment made for me.

    Ok so I caved and called thr hospital. Receptionist was not good as she said id been referred when I ask why I had the appointment. I told her I knew that due to being there last month. She said "oh yes I can see that now". She says I should be getting a results letter shortley I asked was everything OK and she said yes. She said the appointment is for another ECG and then a discharge if thats normal. Now am I reading into this too much that I have to have another ECG when the first one fine? Or is standard practice to do it again before being discharged?

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    Re: Outpatient appointment made for me.

    You asked her if everything was okay with your EKG and she said yes and so everything is okay. She wouldn't lie to you and if there was a problem they wouldn't have you wait until January to see the doctor and it's common practice to have an EKG before being discharged by cardiology.
    You are deff reading into things that aren't there which is something we all who suffer with anxiety tend to do from time to time but everything is okay, the nurse has verified this and explained why you needed the appointment for January so try not to second guess it.

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