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Thread: If CBT doesn't work for you... then what?

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    If CBT doesn't work for you... then what?

    I felt I needed to ask this because I seem to do rather badly with CBT, which seems to be painted as a universal panacea. It's not long before old habits resurface despite best efforts.

    So if it doesn't work for an individual, what comes next - if anything?

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    Re: If CBT doesn't work for you... then what?

    There are other types of therapy, besides CBT. TAlk, EMDR, exposure, grief, group, etc. some work better for some diagnoses than others.

    Often, I’ve found, that it takes a combination of things to work for me. I often need the trifecta of therapy, meds and lifestyle changes. Other coping mechanisms include exercise, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, journaling, pet/animal help, etc. There is no one size fits all solution.
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