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Thread: Foot Falling Asleep???

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    Foot Falling Asleep???

    Hello everyone,

    earlier this moring, I was sitting down for about 5-6 minutes and when I rose both of my feet were asleep. I wasn't crossing my feet or anything. It was very strange. Also my right foot has been hurting this morning.

    I did go running this morning for about 3 miles. No foot pain then but when I got back, the pain started to show back up.

    For some reason, I am worried about my foot falling asleep again and my mind is jumping to things like MS and diabetes even though I am an in shape 28 year old male. I am focused on my feet and my over anxiety will probably make me so sensitive to any slight sensation in my feet.

    What could this be?

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    Re: Foot Falling Asleep???

    Exactly what you said. It could also be some muscle soreness from working out. Or some mild plantar fasciitis.
    I came over from AZ.
    I'm still a work in progress.

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