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Thread: Throat sensation

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    Throat sensation

    Hello. Sorry for my english but l am italian. When l swallow solid foods l feel a scratchy sensation on the left side of my throat. To tell the true l don't know if it is in the retromolar trigone or where l had tonsillectomy when l was a child. It is as if food goes against something in the very moment of swallowing. Anyone else with this feeling?

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    Re: Throat sensation

    Your English is great! It doesn’t sound worrying- it’s so easy to get all sorts of sensations if you focus enough on them. Is there anything in particular you are worried about? My sister in law describes something similar and she also had tonsils out - so perhaps it is connected to that?

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    Re: Throat sensation

    I don't know...but only on one side ...and never before. My tonsil were removed when l was 5 and now l am 47. It is a strange sensation, only of food touches this point.

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    Re: Throat sensation

    No one else with this feeling???

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