Past few days to a week, I've had a bit of stomach and toilet issues. Not sure what from, excessive gas, which is accompanied by stomach gurgling noises, and my bowel movements have been up and down the past few days to a week, it started with a loose stool (not runny), then it was very hard to about the same now, but stomach cramps from it too. Not sure what's going on? A little worried.

I'm 32, female, hypothyroid, don't drink or smoke, don't eat red meat, don't drink any lemonades, mostly water, but not sure if its a food thing causing this, or something serious like a bacterial thing?

It's very uncomfortable and makes me worried what to eat, and if I'm going to get diarrhea or something. Is it something serious?

I suffer with anxiety and depression, but not sure if this would contribute to it, I've been dealing with a lot of stress in my personal life as well, so this isn't helping.