Guys just looking a bit of advice/opinion but just wondering if what I just had was a panic/anxiety attack. I've been feeling great for a few weeks. Enjoying life and actually being positive. I have the cold at the moment, been drinking coffee (after a few weeks off) and have a few minor problems but that I had in perspective.

Today just before lunch I felt like the shutters came down - started worrying about the things I had in perspective in a panicky out of proportion way and found myself getting really down about it. It was out of the blue a bit and not rational at all. Things that haven't been bothering me for ages I just started feeling anxious and stressed about. I'm now sitting in the office and my arms and shoulders are in full fight and flight. It was so out of the blue. Tiredness, caffeine, mild panic attack?

Now have managed to calm my thoughts a bit but can feel the shoulders etc. How do you get the fight or flight out of your shoulders and neck?