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Thread: Palpations have my anxiety sky high

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    Palpations have my anxiety sky high

    It seems to go like this:
    I have anxiety and OCD as it is (as well as severe health anxiety). At baseline, Iím pretty anxious normally But only because I have a ton of stressors right now. I am in school, work full time, have a 9 month old, and am renovating my home. I gained a lot of weight in pregnancy so I have been pretty depressed about that and not feeling like myself. Iíve always had occasional heart palpations but nothing like Iíve experienced these past couple of weeks. It seems like 15-20-25 times a day I notice my heart flops for a second. After that I am in a state of panic, googling and freaking myself out more. Iím going to start taking a magnesium supplement. The last time I went to my doctor all my blood levels were perfect but my thyroid is a little low.
    Any tips? What is going on? Iím convinced I have a heart condition.
    Iím 23 years old, female and I do consume about 2-3 coffees a day.

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    Re: Palpations have my anxiety sky high

    The first thing I would do is nix the coffee. Caffeine definitely has an effect on the heart. Try a herbal non-caffeinated tea instead.

    Positive thoughts
    "Eat. Drink. Enjoy the work you do. Be thankful for the blessings God gives you in this life. Live, love and seek out the things that bring your heart joy. The rest is meaningless... Like chasing the wind." King Solomon

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    Re: Palpations have my anxiety sky high

    Things to avoid... Caffeine (any stimulants really), stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, alcohol and try to distract yourself from the thinking about them because the more you worry and panic over them, the more they will happen.

    You can try to keep your electrolytes balanced. Mainly your potassium and magnesium but you need to becareful with this and perhaps even talk it over with your doctor first. I eat a banana a day and I take a magnesium supplement. A lot of people who suffer from ectopics and other arrhythmias swear by magnesium and it makes sense as magnesium relaxes the cells on your heart. It's worked miracles for me but not all magnesium is equal. You gotta do your research as it's some what difficult for the body to absorb magnesium, there are different types and some are absorbed better then others. Magnesium is also calming. Just don't over do either because just like at levels to low, levels to high can cause problems.

    You suffer from palpitations so you know there is no rhyme or reason. An increase sucks but its not anything to worry about. It happens. I have 3 different arrhythmias and have noticed over the years sometimes I'm not bothered, sometimes I'm bothered a little and sometimes I'm bothered a lot. It varies and certain things contribute to them, some of which I cant control. I use to never suffer from palpitations before my cycle but the last couple years it's like clockwork. The week before my period and for the first few days I get them really bad and then they start to drop off some. I'm sure the increase around that time has to do with hormones but my point is that I never use to get them so bad before my period and now I do. Things change, especially as we age and so just because the pattern and intensity changes doesn't mean anything is wrong.

    I hope you find some relief, I can relate and sympathize as I know how miserable they make you feel.

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