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Thread: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

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    Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    Please don't read if easily triggered

    I'm in bits over a suspicious lesion on my arm.

    I went to the GP about it on Wednesday. He said he wasn't overly concerned, but we spoke about melanoma (he brought it up) and he took a photo and sent it to the dermatology clinic and he said if they wanted to see me they would get in touch. I didn't think anything of it despite my well known HA. Well the next day they phoned, they want to see me and I have an appointment on the 30th under the 2 week rule. Cue full on panic.

    I've had it for a few months but as it is by my elbow I would glance at it and thought it was a blood blister and would ignore it (it is a dark-reddish mark)
    It has got slightly worse and is raised and a strange shape.

    I am pale and don't go out in the sun or use sunbeds.

    I don't know why I'm posting I just feel rotten. I didn't think out of all the cancers this would be the one.

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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    It doesn't mean you have cancer though - they want to check it out and do tests etc.

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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    Nicola is right Carrie, it's a precautionary procedure.
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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    It's hard to tell much from a photo alone, so they will want to see you. It doesn't mean anything will be wrong. Skin does weird things. I had a shiny red bump on my shoulder come up out of nowhere about a year ago, and since I had basal cell cancer previously, my derm shaved it off to check it. It was fine, just one of those weird things.

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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    I wish you all the best with the tests. Just as a reassurance I had a similar issue with a mole on my neck they assessed me within the two week rule and then they removed it and an area around it again I had to wait for tests I was 24 bordering 25 at the time and I was petrified. I got the ALL CLEAR. Until they tell you something is wrong take it as precautionary and if something were to be awry they didnít neglect you. It is literally standard for skin complaints. We are here if you need a shoulder to lean on. I wish you all the best and let us know how you get on.

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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    I been referred under the two week rule for something else a few years ago. better safe than sorry.

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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    Iíve also been referred under the 2week rule, at least everything is done quickly. Even if it doesnít feel like it at the time x

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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    Thanks everyone.
    The more I look at it the worse I feel. Itís definitely gotten worse over the last couple of weeks and I keep thinking Ďoh god, why didnít I get it looked at sooner?í.
    It doesnít help that I showed a friend and she said Ďoh god that looks awful Iím so sorry, youíve probably caught it early thoughí. That really didnít help.
    Iím dreading the next 10 days plus the appointment.

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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    If its skin cancer it doesn't mean a death sentence my husband just had some cutout and he is fine and healthy, I am not saying yours is cancer.
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    Re: Referred under 2 week rule - possible skin cancer

    My advice would be not to show the lesion to anyone other than the dermatologist when you go on the 30th. He/she will be the only person qualified to make an accurate diagnosis and anyone else won't have a clue and may make stupid comments like your friend which really don't help.

    The 2 week referral system doesn't mean "definitely cancer" but getting assessed quickly does have its benefits in that you won't be left in the lurch worrying for months wondering if there is a problem. I've had quite a few of these fast track appointments and my son is getting an oral lesion biopsied on Weds after following this pathway.

    I'm so sorry that you are in this situation, Carrie and I hope you get some much needed reassurance when you go to your appointment. The waiting is the worst bit-maybe you could go on the cancellation list if there is one for an earlier appointment if the 30th seems too far away? x

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