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Thread: Lumps and bumps inside lips - recurring and random!

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    Weird mouth issues and terrified

    Hey all

    How you doing? I hope you're all doing good and living life!

    My HA has been through the roof recently, my dad passed away in August and since then it's been the worst it's been in a while. This newest fear though is stemming from actual symptoms, what do you think?

    Last night on the underside my top lip (buccal mucosa) I noticed a lump of tissue forming, I can't remember if it felt inflammed or like an actual lump but it was there. This morning I woke up and my top lip was swollen and I had two of these inflammed bumps/areas. As the day has gone on the swelling has subsided A LOT, the top lip feels a lil thicker but nothing too shocking. Now my lips are dry and stinging on the outside, tingling and sensitive. I had this around 6 weeks ago hut had THREE of these lumps that were specifically large in the morning. They themselves don't hurt and when they have gone down/calmed down it seems there is a little broken blood vessel there, very small. Last time this lasted a week then went as quickly as it began. It's weird. The tingling could be from me licking my lips and feeling around this tissue and so drying out my lips.

    I thought maybe it could be an allergic reaction to a lip balm I used last time and yesterday? Or some kind of weird disorder? Or over brushing my teeth? Stress? Obviously i'm terrified of the big C.....

    Has anyone experienced this before?! It's so strange!!!! Xxx

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    Re: Weird mouth issues and terrified

    I used to get this, twenty years ago, maybe half a dozen times in total. My top lip would go lumpy and swell to the point of disfigurement then by the next morning it would be almost gone. Doctor said allergies, advised me to take Piriton. Haven't had it since.

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    Re: Weird mouth issues and terrified

    Thank You !!!! You really calmed me down last night <3 Sending lots of love to you! I have decided it is absolutely this specific lip balm, today my mouth is completely back to normal. So strange! Thanks for the words X

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    Re: Weird mouth issues and terrified

    Sorry to be a pain but it's happened again and i'm freaking out! I just ate a stir fry, freshly made in my kitchen with ingredients I always use! As soon as I ate it a bubble/lump formed on the inside of my lower lip, it just came out of nowhere!! It's not massive, bleeding or painful but it's annoying me. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? My housemate just told me that she used to get this from using utensils at school and that her lips would come out in "bubbles". Anyone know ANYTHING about this at all? Xxxx

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    Lumps and bumps inside lips - recurring and random!

    Hello guys

    I hope you're good!

    I am so confused ( and freaking out, not gonna lie) about what the hell is going on inside my mouth!

    Around 6 weeks ago I had tonsilitis, that went but as it went I got weird swellings inside my top lip - they were like three balls of tissue, no pain or anything but they lasted a week and got bigger before they went. After that I was fine and had nothing & forgot about it all! I assumed it was all related.

    Last Saturday I was out having a drink and all of a sudden I felt a weird tingle in my top lip again and felt it with my tongue to find just one of these guys swelling up, the next morning my top lip was swollen and by the next day everything had gone back to normal!! I put it down to a lip balm I had been using both times (that's now in the bin!). THEN TODAY I was eating and straight away as soon as I finished my meal the same thing happened but inside the bottom lip. The swelling has gone down already but the lil ball is still there a bit. ALSO to top it off I have a lil pimple/bump on my outer bottom lip, kinda like a coldsore before it really comes out.

    I am scared it's something serious, it could be stress, it could be oral HERPES (I do have coldsores rarely and I have been under A LOT of stress with the loss of my dad so I dunno if that's related) or if it is to do with the tonsilitis I had before all of this? I have no blood, pain or anything, just this weird lumpy bubble thing inside my lip. They go as quickly as they come now, the first time it did take a week but now it's within 24 hours.

    Has anyone ever had this? Could it be an allergy? Cold weather? It's weird.

    Anyway, thank you!!!!

    Lots of love to all of you xxx

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    Re: Lumps and bumps inside lips - recurring and random!

    Sounds like a mucocele. I have had them occasionally on my lower lip, especially after eating. They are just blocked salivary glands. Check with your dentist.

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    Re: Lumps and bumps inside lips - recurring and random!


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