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Thread: Nervous wreck

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    Nervous wreck

    shitting myself today got a meeting at work at 11 am I know itís just them asking me question and that I can not get sacked today but this is the day weíre my answers could determine if it still goes to disciplinary hearing or it stops and I go back to work . Gain my life back . Itís only 9 am and I cannot concentrate and feel sick with nervous

    sorry for being a pain

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    Re: Nervous wreck

    You're not a pain. Keep on breathing deeply, it'll only be a couple more hours.
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    Re: Nervous wreck

    Thank you and yep I know just my life as been on hold for 8 months and life was great before this . If this go wrong my life will be torn apart I don’t know what I gonna do if I lose my job which would then have a massive impact on my uni course and could mean I will be kicked off it

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