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    Exactly 1 year and 6 months ago I quit alcohol and conquered alcoholism.

    Time has flown by so quickly since that day. I remember the day I quit very clearly. I had tried multiple times to quit drinking but couldn't. I was drinking daily to cure anxiety (which never worked). My evening beers had been a ritual for over 15 years. Stopping wasn't easy and every time I tried I slipped backwards.

    But it was my nans birthday and we went out for a meal. I had a pint before my food because I felt insanely sick and anxious. I hate being around people and eating out. But, after a pint I felt normal and was able to eat. I finished my meal and everyone was sat talking. I grabbed another pint and went out for a smoke. I finished my pint pretty quickly and decided to squeeze another one in. Everybody was just about to go, but I wanted another pint, so the family were all outside waiting for me to finish.

    I was angry that I messed up. The plan was to not drink that day because I already had a nasty hangover from the night before.

    I got home that day and decided tomorrow was it. I had a blow out and drank some more because I knew this was it. I felt humiliated that everybody had to wait on me to finish my beer. Exactly like my late uncle. He was an alcoholic and everybody would wait on him to finish his drinks before they left. My late grandad was the same. Both died from alcohol related issues. This year we lost my other uncle to alcohol too.

    I was also starting to develop issues related to alcohol. I had terrible back and face acne (which has now gone away completely). Greasy skin. Weight gain. I also had pitting edema in my legs and feet. I could press the skin and it would pit. At first I put it down to sitting at a chair for long periods at the computer. But my other programming friends who do the same had non of these issues. I know gamers who spend long periods gaming who don't have that issue.

    So I freaked out it was my heart beating weaker or something. Pitting edema is linked to heart problem and is a significant indicator something is up. So I had to quit anyway. I told myself if I quit and the edema doesn't go away within 3 weeks I will see a doctor. Turns out it was alcohol related because when I quit it went away and has never returned. The start of kidney problems no doubt.

    Anyway, the next day I curled up in bed with a hangover and told myself today was the day I quit. I had support from an online alcohol forum that helped me quit. I'd vent there often and people would help me pull through and not reach for alcohol.

    And since that day I haven't drank once. Not a single drop. It was hard, but I did it and I consider every significant milestone a success.

    My anxiety got very bad when I quit alcohol because my crutch was gone. I'm still battling that same anxiety from quitting. I used to drink before I left the house to go shopping, or if I had to go in a taxi. If we had to travel on a train I'd have a shot of vodka before I left the house, and a beer at the train station ... both ends. If I ever went to a cinema, theme park, walks, picnics etc. I'd have to have a drink. Without it I wouldn't leave the house.

    And hence the agoraphobia I have today.

    But, I'd rather have agoraphobia and work on fixing that than to have an alcohol addiction that was slowly killing me.
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    Re: Exactly 1 year and 6 months ago I quit alcohol and conquered alcoholism.

    Well done you. One of the best decisions ever.

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    Re: Exactly 1 year and 6 months ago I quit alcohol and conquered alcoholism.

    Yes,good for you That is a milestone.Well done.
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    Re: Exactly 1 year and 6 months ago I quit alcohol and conquered alcoholism.

    That's really incredible! Congratulations.
    Pretty sure the main page has information about agoraphobia, I know I found this website useful when I was struggling to overcome it
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    Re: Exactly 1 year and 6 months ago I quit alcohol and conquered alcoholism.

    Congrats and well done, your overall health will be so much better, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before you overcome the agoraphobia

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    Re: Exactly 1 year and 6 months ago I quit alcohol and conquered alcoholism.

    Fantastic news, you're doing brilliantly. Go one day at a time. I'm on the same path my friend, 3 years in march 2020. Sending you strength, best wishes

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    Re: Exactly 1 year and 6 months ago I quit alcohol and conquered alcoholism.

    Huge respect to you both. Such a significant achievement.

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