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Thread: Please help me, Brain MRI, Headaches and extreme panic

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    Exclamation Please help me, Brain MRI, Headaches and extreme panic

    I haven't really spoken here in a while, but I am a 21 year old female with major health anxiety.

    So, I have had very bad anxiety for the past year and a half, last august I made myself believe I had brain cancer, which in turn gave me horrible headaches until I saw a doctor and she gave me medicine that helped calm them down. Fast forward a year and for a few months now I've been getting random pinches in the upper right part of my head. I didn't really care about them, but I randomly became fixated on it and caused them to become worse along with a bunch of other head pains. So I decided to make a doctors appt again thinking shed prescribe me the same medicine like before but this time she wants me to get an MRI. She told me again everything seemed stress based and she thinks I'm fine but she wanted to be sure and she thought it would make me feel better but now I am terrified. ( I told her how my headaches come and go, they are on one side, they get worse with stress and better with rest, the pinches comes at random and that my vision has gotten slightly worse, but realistically I could need to update my contacts since I haven't in a few years.)

    Im scared something is gonna show up on the MRI, and I know I'm going to have extreme panic attacks until I get the results (I haven't even scheduled it yet and I'm freaking out so bad) I know this isn't good for me but I cried all day, I didn't eat anything and I skipped my class because of how fatigued I was from crying and being hungry and anxious.

    I can't go on like this I'm just so scared they are going to find something bad, and I don't know how to stay calm until then. I haven't taken my prozac in a while because my pharmacy switched places and each time I call I have some issues reaching them. If anyone can help me stay calm id greatly appreciate it.

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    Re: Please help me, Brain MRI, Headaches and extreme panic

    Hey, sorry you're having a bad time. When I went back to my doctors several times about my oral C fixation, my doc eventually referred me to see an ENT specialist under the two week referral bracket. I was so freaked out, but I know from talking with her about it since she felt it was necessary to ease my worries as I was going around in circles with it. The ENT told me I was absolutely fine (I however felt I was going to pass out with sheer terror of him finding something!), but no, nothing wrong. It's not the same scenario, but a good doctor will refer for tests / scans /specialists if someone is describing the same problems, to cover their own back and to help with our concerns. Hope this helps and try not to worry too much x

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