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Thread: Cushing’s disease or Syndrome

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    Cushing’s disease or Syndrome

    I have been having increased anxiety/panick attacks recently accompanied by intense fears burning face, disturbed sleep yada yada yada my life isn’t my best life right now BUT I woke up about an hour ago semi conscious googling and I don’t know how I came across Cushing’s.....I was previously tested for this at 19 not it’s not completely implausible BUT.....excessive alcohol can give similar symptoms and I’ve been binge drinking on and off for a month or so since my panicks started to get bad. So I’ve devised a plan before I start to loose my mind!!!

    Eliminate alcohol, sugary foods (which I have done for two weeks) and follow an adrenal fatigue diet and stay suitably hydrated.
    If my symptoms go great!
    If they persist which ones are dominant and make a clear diary! (Not going to panick it can’t kill me but I need to log this right to get the right help do doctors take me seriously!!!)
    Then discuss with gp and hope they make relevant referral to endocrinologist!!!!

    Fingers crossed the self-help methods help. Also it’s advises to avoid potassium if experiencing stress which is interesting as it said that if cortisol levels are compromised this makes problem worse ie palpatations and high blood pressure where I see in here people recommend potassium to help with these symptoms ?!?
    This will also explain my symptoms when I fall asleep and wake up

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    Re: Cushing’s disease or Syndrome

    I would try and keep things as simple as possible. Avoiding booze and sugar/refined carbs is probably the best thing to start with, and just try that for a few weeks.

    I think checking symptoms is a double edged sword as people with anxiety tend to hyper focus and elevate something trivial into something important. You may find yourself overreacting to things and then trying to adjust your diet to compensate. This can lead you into months of chasing your own tail as you're trying to constantly adapt to a moving target.

    Avoid booze and eat healthy, just do that for a few weeks and allow your body to settle.

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