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Thread: Something has shifted

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    Something has shifted

    I can not believe I have content to post in the success area after two months solid of terror I am dying and endless sleepless nights due to palpatations.
    Today I have woken up no palpatations and yes I woke up meaning Iíve had a good nights sleep.
    I have bought a shiatsu massage chair and already after a 15 min session yesterday I have seen benefits.
    I have also postponed drinking and smoking which I believe will benefit me too.
    And I started to have positive thoughts last night which is the first time in two months I started to imagine my future and positive things for so long life had looked bleak.
    Even if this is a one off itís given me hope that things may one day be better on a more permanent basis!
    Anyone else tried shiatsu massage?

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    Re: Something has shifted

    Never tried shiatsu massage but great news you feel better and you can see light at the end of the tunnel.
    I could do with more positive thinking myself so well done!

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