So a couple of months ago I found a lump towards the top of my testicle. It's small, around 2/3mm and seems to sort of move around when I pushed on it. It also feels quite soft. I was sent for an ultrasound in which the lady said she couldn't see any growths and that it would be clear to her if there was any cancer. Whilst obviously providing me with some reassurance, I couldn't shake the feeling that as she hadn't seen anything at all, she may have missed the area I was talking about, despite me showing her the location, as it was quite small.

Fast forward to now, the lump has not grown in size other than being a bit more prominent. However, I can now feel a swollen node in my groin. It has come up over the last couple of days and is sore to the touch. I did have a small rash in the area so I'm trying to tell myself that this may be the cause. I'm freaking out big time, worried that something sinister may have spread. When I went to the doctor last week to discuss my concerns, before the node swelled up, he told me he couldn't send me for another scan as it would likely be rejected by the hospital so soon after my last one. Now I'm left feeling hopeless. I know if I follow a lot of these logical paths, it should mitigate my worry, however I just can't seem to find peace with it. Especially now I have an enlarged node.

Can anyone offer some words of reassurance. This is typically how my anxiety manifests. I can be ok with single symptoms but it's when things start adding up that I become very worried and stressed out.