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Thread: Bowel Cancer Anxiety

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    Bowel Cancer Anxiety

    Hi all, just found this forum but have had health anxiety issues for a long time - my hychondria is quite the joke in my family, even though it's not so funny to me.

    Anyway, here's my concern. About four months ago, I had a bad case of constipation. I took a stimulant laxative and it turned out to me way too harsh on my system. Once it kicked in, I spent practically the entire night on the toilet. The entire ordeal ended with a bloody stool but I chalked that up to the strain from the constipation and then the "violence" of the laxative. Things were a bit of a wreck down there, if you know what I mean.

    So fast forward and three weeks ago I happened to glance at the toilet paper after a bowel movement and saw some bright red blood on it. I wouldn't have noticed it except I happened to glance down. I thought I'd gotten my period for the first time in nearly in year (I'm 50). But it was blood from my rectum. I asked my sister, who is a doctor, about it (she's in the US, I live in Ireland). She said it was hemorrhoidal, no question. But she did say that since I'm 50 I should go for a routine colonoscopy - they start them at 50 in the states, but not in Ireland.

    Yesterday, I was feeling constipated again. I took some milk of magnesia this time, rather than the harsher stimulant laxative, and it worked this morning. But then, after three weeks of nothing, there was blood on the toilet paper again. Of course, I messaged my sister, freaking out. Her response was that there was no reason to freak out. It's hemorrhoidal. And it's only because I'm 50 that she says I should have a colonoscopy and she does believe in starting that screening at 50. Otherwise, she wouldn't have suggested seeking any attention.

    I have an appointment with my GP on November 4. I'm fairly certain he will give me a referral for the colonoscopy (which is another whole source of anxiety). I know realistically that my sister would absolutely tell me if there was reason for concern. But I'm still scared and anxious. Would appreciate anyone's thoughts, especially if you've dealt with similar symptoms.

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    Re: Bowel Cancer Anxiety

    I agree with your sister completely, I’ve had blood, especially after constipation- which I do battle with frequently due to IBS being the beast it is.

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    Re: Bowel Cancer Anxiety

    Sounds like piles to me but get the doctor to have a look

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