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Thread: Seems like a long road

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    Seems like a long road

    Hello fellow members.

    My Name is Geoff , I am 62 years old and have suffered with GAD for most of my life. I was taking Seroxat for almost 20 years it did help , but when any kind
    of problems arose I would slip back into anxiety mode. I have been on a roller coaster for almost 2 years trying different medications as the seroxat stopping working. I am now taking Mirtazapine 30mg and have just started 5 weeks ago 10mg of escitalopram. The Mirtazapine was to help with sleep although that
    seems to have stopped working as I am lucky to sleep more than 4 hours at the moment. The Escitalopram has at this moment made no difference as I get bad
    anxiety on waking and in the mornings.

    I have managed to work although not every day , some days its just to hard. I am self employed which is good and bad has I have to keep up with any orders
    I have ( I am a bespoke joiner ) . This site has been very helpful to me , reading about medications and their outcome. I live in North Dorset there is not much
    help here unless you wish to travel to , Bournemouth, Dorchester area. I live near Shaftesbury the town with the steep hill in the Hovis add.

    It is a comfort to me and many others I'm sure, that a site like this is available for all of us who would otherwise suffer i silence.

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    Welcome to No More Panic!

    Hiya 60NDorsetM and welcome to NMP

    Why not take a look at our articles on our home page, they contain a wealth of information and
    are a great starting place for your time on the forum.

    I hope you find the as site helpful and informative as I have and that you get the help and
    support you need here and hope that you meet a few friends along the way
    Emmz xx

    nolite te basstardes carborundorum

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