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Thread: Zantac recall

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    Zantac recall

    I just heard about this recall when I went to purchase some Zantac. I have been taking this daily for a long time and now they say there is a carcinogen in it? Now Im nervous.

    anyone else?

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    Re: Zantac recall

    yeah my wife and i have both used this for years. here's a snippet from TGA professor paul kelly:

    "If someone were to take a ranitidine tablet for their entire life for 70 years, every day, then the risk of cancer may go up by about one in 100,000, so I think you can see from those figures it's a very small risk."

    that put a lid on it for me. they have to be cautious but in terms of things that actually cause cancer i wouldn't give this another thought.

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    Re: Zantac recall

    Ahh, that makes me feel better. I have been taking two 150s per day for a few years now.

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    Re: Zantac recall


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    Re: Zantac recall

    Copying this post over from another thread where this has come up:

    Worth remembering this about Ranitidine:

    It's only a possibility and even then previous recalls along the same lines with BP meds found it isolated to certain manufacturers and the risk still extremely low
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