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Thread: The slippery valium slope

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    Re: The slippery valium slope

    Quote Originally Posted by WiredIncorrectly View Post
    I feel ok right now,
    Good to see you back, James.

    She said I should go to hospital and have my bloods checked out. I told her I feel fine, I've eaten, my vitals are normal and I don't feel it's necessary. She said if I start to feel drowsy or unwell to call an ambulance.
    At least go and see your GP today if possible. While you are probably fine get yourself checked out anyway, mate.

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    Re: The slippery valium slope

    Quote Originally Posted by nomorepanic View Post
    I am really pleased you are ok but please remember it is against the rules on here to post such things that make other members worry about you and think you had committed suicide. It is just not fair and we had to deal with the reported posts and PM's asking us to contact someone urgently to make sure you were ok.

    Please think about that next time. Thanks
    I understand. At those moments in time I am irrational. The line between what's right and wrong are completely blurred. I passed out so was unable to reply but as soon as I was coherent I made reply. I have no issue with giving you my address in those cases where I do become like that (which is rare). I'm hoping with treatment this won't happen again. I'm sorry and I've noted what you've said for future reference
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    Re: The slippery valium slope

    This is for your bad day, and I'm glad you're okay.

    This is for scaring the $hit outta me.

    Did you tell that lady that you had a "suicide attempt"? I find that they take people more seriously when they mention the S word.
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    Re: The slippery valium slope

    Hi James

    Glad your ok.

    Let this be a wake-up call for yer and now look at ways to zap that anxiety without relying too much on
    meds. You can do it

    Rootin for you dude

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    Re: The slippery valium slope

    Glad to hear you are ok, James. I bet you gave your partner a scare.

    Hopefully they will take you more seriously now but I think you really need to see your GP. They can keep the pressure up for you too. And it's obvious you need more med suggestions to get you away from dependence forming meds and onto something that works better for you long term.

    You are right, they do need to observe you when these things happen. So, how about recording them (if you haven't already) so they can at least assess what happened? These swings need controlling so you don't fall back into feeling like this and at the moment it feels like they haven't properly diagnosed you.

    I know what you mean about local in patient care, I've heard the same about ours. Some people have found them really nice places but some are wards with a mixture of patients. I know mine is one of those where the staff deal with abuse from patients and I feel such environments are hardly going to help someone anxious.
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