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Thread: Loose stools/Diarrhoea For Months

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    Unhappy Loose stools/Diarrhoea For Months

    Hello and good evening!

    I have been having loose stools/diarrhoea for months now.

    A bit of a backstory - I have been struggling to keep my job (my only source of income), and I have been under a lot of stress for maybe two years now, but especially in the last year.

    Sometime in June, I've noticed that I have loose stools almost every day.
    It has been going on since.
    It's just loose, no blood (thank heavens), it's not off-coloured, just... Loose.
    Sometimes it's pure diarrhoea, one of those "thank heavens I was close to the toilet" situations, but for the most part, just loose.

    It's not every day, and it's not multiple times per day - just like you would normally go to the bathroom, just loose...

    I don't have insurance and money to see to the analysis at the doctors', so asking here is my only hope to soothe my mind...

    There was some minor weight loss in the last year or so, but nothing major, and it might have happened because I don't have that much money, so sometimes I eat once per day, sometimes twice.

    What I am asking, has anyone had similar experiences due to anxiety/stress?

    During my high school years, before every exam, I'd have a huge diarrhoea problem, probably due to anticipation anxiety...
    Could it be that?

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart if you read and reply.

    P.S. Many apologies if I wrote something unnecessarily complicated, English is not my first language.

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    Re: Loose stools/Diarrhoea For Months


    i get that when I m anxious too, my stomach just goes. I think you being also stressed is a massive contributor.
    i know it’s hard but maybe try to do something which relaxes you even if it’s just nice hot bath. I also found drinking camomile tea helpful as it has calming properties and also helps to sooth stomach .

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    Re: Loose stools/Diarrhoea For Months

    Stress can do that.
    One day at a time

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