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    can anyone relate to morning anxiety and feeling scared as soon as you wake up , the adrenaline rushing through your body and feeling you canít cope with another shit day

    once W awake I just canít relax enough and find it impossible to calm the beast inside , I take. Lot of medication and think thatís part of the problem

    has anyone got any ideas that will help me upon waking , I will try anything now

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Mornings

    Hi, have you tried any relaxation or something like that to calm you down , what meds are you taking? Is it for anxiety, depression ?

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    Re: Mornings

    I think most of us feel this way. The usual thing is to get straight up and start your day and burn off the adrenaline. However for me, I wake up half hour before I'm due to get up. In that time I open the curtains ( bed is by the window) so I don't have to get up and I focus on the trees and birds outside and practice mindfulness. I'm getting better at diverting my thoughts. By the time I get up, I'm not in the same mood as when I woke.

    Ive read that a cold shower can stop panic in its tracks. Never had the courage to try it though.
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    Re: Mornings

    In the shit and scared every morning is no fun

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