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Thread: hugs

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    Re: hugs

    Very sorry that you are going through all this..Hope you have some better news today.

    Think I'd better stop posting on here for now because his psychiatrist is self-isolating due to symptoms. Not a lot more i can say but thanks for all your support on here xx

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    Re: hugs

    Thinking of you as always Pulisa xx

    And my thoughts with you too fishman x

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    Re: hugs

    Send you all hugs and kisses! All will be good

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    Re: hugs

    Hi Pulisa x As always just dropping by to say I'm thinking of you both and sending a big hug your way xx

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    Re: hugs

    Thanks so much! He's still in hospital but probably not for that much longer. Haven't been able to visit for over 2 weeks due to lockdown but he's in the safest place.

    I do hope you are managing, Sarah? It's a horrible old time, isn't it? Take care of yourself and thank you again for your kindness xx

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