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Thread: Anxiety, panic, dread about moving house

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    Anxiety, panic, dread about moving house

    Me and my husband have lived in a rough area of town for almost 9 years now. We have had every kind of trouble in our block of flats from bad neighbours, drug abuse, arson attacks, knife crime etc. Living here would stress out anyone let alone someone with my physical and mental conditions.

    My consultants and psychologists all wrote to my local council and recently I was offered a new flat in a nice area not far from where we currently live. Its a beautiful flat and everyone I know who has ever lived there has only great things to say about that street. We accepted the offer and will be moving in within a couple of weeks.

    At first I felt nothing but relief and excitement to get away from this area but now the nerves have kicked in and some of my thoughts and feelings about moving are amplified by my conditions. I am feeling extreme anxiety, panic attacks about moving, my checking compulsions are through the roof, not eating or sleeping well, lets just say bad and instrusive thoughts in general, I feel extreme guilt because I know council houses especially in good areas are like hens teeth and I am grateful - I just cant shake off the worries and the unworthy feeling I have. I have tried talking to friends and loved ones about how I am feeling but all they can feel is happy and excited for me as they know the crap me and my husband put up with here so its hard to turn to them for support. I am also struggling with the money side of moving as both my ESA and PIP reviews are soon, both within a few days of each other so on top of a move just makes me feel suffocated and crippled under anxiety at the moment.

    If anyone has experiences with moving while suffering from poor mental health, it would be great to hear from you. I know in a few months we will be settled and things will hopefully be better in a lot of fronts but right now I just can't grasp that and feel like the thoughts and feelings are consuming me. My GP has been great and has been calling every week to see how I am doing and has offered me medication if needed. Any tips or advice you have would be fantastic if you have been in the same boat.

    Take care xx
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    Re: Anxiety, panic, dread about moving house

    It's change, that's what at the root here. Anxiety hates any kind of change. We like our routines, places we know etc.
    You know your normal, even if it's not so good. It's bad timing your reviews are due round now as well.

    Time will cure this, you will have a new normal. Keep thinking of your new flat in the better area. Really focus on it, plan where you will put your furniture. Go to the shops and choose your paint. Really soak up the excitement. Fear and excitement are two sides of the same coin, they project a lot of similar symptoms. Tell yourself you are excited by the change, excited that you have a lovely new home to go to.

    a few weeks in your new place and all this will be forgotten
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    Re: Anxiety, panic, dread about moving house

    I recently moved while struggling. It was hard but honestly, it was harder anticipating the move, the move day itself was just something to get through had no time to think and then it got easier and was a huge relief afterwards.
    Best of luck x
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