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Thread: Fears of dying/going mad creeping up again

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    Unhappy Fears of dying/going mad creeping up again

    Past while I have felt this feeling of dread now my world will one day end. My other fear is losing my mind and never having a normal life again. Often I get a tension at the side of my head I try and forget these symptoms I mean a good sleep and im as good as new. I do feel a awful pressure right now to fly on a plane. I have felt a massive pressure to travel the world. This issue is unusual as years ago I had no desire to travel and I was more a homebody. I do often feel I am running out of time to do stuff. In my 20ís I had no such fears every year was about having a ball and a great time.

    I am also getting lots of questions from people if I am having a family. A sort of pressure. I also read stories in the news of people going mad and losing there life which tells me how fragile life is. Like I find it scary how a good mental health is important like I say in my 20ís my eyes were shut I had a live forever attitude and thought about dying much less. My concern goes as far as worrying about illnesses like dementia and how you can lose your mind and memory which is also scary.

    Course it is common to go though life healthy and have a good time perhaps itís quite common but having anxiety reading the news. My partner doesnít have anxiety but she has some health anxiety due to reading the news sites too.

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    Re: Fears of dying/going mad creeping up again

    I didn't feel much pressure to get things done in my 20s either, but I turned 30 this year and leading up to my birthday I suddenly felt waves of it much like what you've described. I think even those without anxiety probably feel that sometimes, aging can be a tricky thing. Thanks for sharing!
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