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Thread: Wish me luck

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    Wish me luck

    So after pondering about it for ages I decided to go and speak to GP about possibly going back on meds as the online CBT is not really working for me ( I mean I will still continue with it ) , I think what pushed me over the edge was going to Lidl on Saturday , the minute I spotted that the toilets are out of order I went into meltdown and needed to go to toilet straight away. I actually got through it but was like a robot quickly throwing stuff into trolls just to get out ASAP.
    anyway to make an appointment with my surgery is a nightmare so I filled in their online assessment form and 24 hours later got a text saying I have prescription for 10mg of Citalopram waiting for me. How bad that I canít even have a face to face appointment to discuss the possibilities.
    Anyway as I still have a stash of Citalopram in my cupboard from last time might as well start tonight. I just hope I wonít feel too bad for work tomorrow .
    This is going to be my third or even fourth time so praying for a smooth ride .

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    Re: Wish me luck

    Good luck with it, keep us up to date with your progress! I have been on citalopram 3 times. The 3rd time round, it did take longer for me but I did recover (even though at the time it felt like I would never feel better again!)

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