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    Question about antibiotic side effects

    Hi guys, my HA has been doing well, flying under the radar for the most part due to treatment. I started doxycycline a couple weeks ago due to moderate acne Iíve had for years and havenít had success with treatment with other things. The first week I took it, it was fine. But since around last Friday, Iíve had dizziness, feeling woozy, and a terrible headache. My resting heart rate has also increased. Iím wondering if this is due to the doxycycline. Itís a pretty big dose, at 200mg per day. Itís clearing up my face really nicely though. Has anyone ever taken this and had these kinds of effects. Thanks!

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    Re: Question about antibiotic side effects


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    Re: Question about antibiotic side effects

    Quote Originally Posted by Anxiousamyj View Post
    since around last Friday, Iíve had dizziness, feeling woozy, and a terrible headache.
    Headache, particularly sinus headache, is a fairly common side-effect, dizziness less so, but can occur. The common otc painkillers should help with the headache, the dizziness is a little more difficult. I suggest you get your doctor's advice on that.

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