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Thread: Being sent to see Cardiologist

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    Being sent to see Cardiologist

    So, I've been having some bad issues lately. The last few months my heart rate has been super high, I was getting lots of pain which I guessed was reflux. About a week ago, I just snapped up in bed and I couldn't breath. My whole body was numb, my heart rate went crazy and my world went sideways. I stayed over at my friends house a day later and I couldn't sleep. My heart was pounding- a few days later I ended up in a&e while not being able to get any air in and heart rate was going crazy again. There was a crushing pain on my chest also- it was one of the worst moments in my life. They did one ecg before sending me home, saying all was fine.

    Yet when I got home I couldn't sleep, my whole body kept going numb and I couldn't breath as I was trying to sleep. The next night, I had another huge panic attack, I was shacking and couldn't breath for awhole hour. My Mam suggested I go to the gp after that, I was lucky to get a appointment. She checked my pulse and blood pressure. Said it was fine- put me on tablets for my anxiety. Yet every-night since I wake up unable to breath and heart pounding. I also get high heart rate during the days or just general sick to my stomach feeling.

    I called my gp today to say I was still having bad night episodes- and she's decided to send me to a cardiologist and I'm bricking it. I'm so scared there's something wrong with me and I've ruling down to anxiety. I haven't gotten a good night sleep in over a week.

    On Monday I'm meant to be going on a dream hols I spent two years saving for....but I don't know if I can after all of this.

    I'm just really struggling, there's been alot of personal stuff that's really f**ked up my world in the last week- which is getting dumped also. I'm just living in total fear, unable to sleep or do anything really. I'm sorry to annoy anyone, I'm just not able to talk to anyone in my life as I've put to much on my Mam and my friends....that's another issues.,

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    Cardiologist appointment

    I have three days of cardiologist appointment starting tommorow with a ecg, the placing or a holter monitor and on Thursday I'm getting the monitor removed and having a echogram (sorry I'm not sure how to spell it but it's like a ulstra sound.)

    I'm really worried for these , my GP is having me sent for them. My heart is pounding so hard, I can't breath and I feel so weak- I know this is probs anixety of what is to come but I'm really scared and nervous. I know I'll have answers but my stuipd anixety is telling me I won't even make it to the tests.

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    Re: Cardiologist appointment

    Today been hard, my chest is in constant pain us having on/off racing heart. O know it's probs all anixety but just lots more going on and it's hard

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    Results and outcome

    So, I got the results from my cardiologist appointment today! (I had a ecg, holter monitor, a echocardiogram). All the results are good! He said he'd be happy to have those results himself, the only follow up he might want to do is a 30 day monitor as I didn't have a panic attack during the time I was wearing the holter- but that's something we'll talk about after Christmas! Like to hear he was 98 percent happy with everything overall and to hear that my heart is health. It's the kick I need.

    After everything that's happened with the coil and how let down I was with that. Like having a doctor ask are you really in pain when you can't even walk and vomiting from it. It really made me loss all the skills I had built up in the last few years in therapy. Like I couldn't count on myself anymore to help myself during the bad times- I feel like this is the lift I needed to get on track again. That when I get a bad episode I know I can get back to reassuring myself once again! Not giving into the fear and losing out on things again. I'm also slowly getting into good eating and health again- I've lost nearly a stone in the last month and a half! I feel better in my clothes tbh.

    Like I know this isn't going to magical fix the downturn I'm in but it's a maasssivvvee step to help myself move in the right way again. Like I feel like I can get back into it.

    I know this might be a ramble but after everything I just feel like this is something to get me going again and of course I'm so lucky to have good results.

    Thank you to everyone who's been so kind and lovely to me during those times xx

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    Re: Results and outcome

    I'm really pleased for you,Louise and I know that you will use these completely reassuring results to help you recover from your HA as opposed to looking for reasons why an all clear could be flawed...

    it is exhausting going through an intense and prolonged period of extreme anxiety and you have been through the mill emotionally with the coil debacle and subsequent distressing news..but I'd say don't rule anything out whilst you still have a uterus xx

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    Re: Results and outcome

    that's fantastic news.
    It is what you needed right now, it will surely boost your confidence as well as help with the anxiety.
    The other problem can be sorted out. x

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    Re: Results and outcome

    Thatís brilliant, Iím so pleased for you. You so deserve some good news, and this is something that you can really work with.

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    Re: Results and outcome

    Excellent news...and it sounds like you are turning a corner. Lovely positive post.
    Take my hand, we'll make it I swear....
    Livin' On A Prayer...Bon Jovi

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    Re: Results and outcome

    Thank you all truly. For all the support and lovely words- both when I was given bad news and now with some good news. I know on here people feel like sometimes their words fall on deaf ears....but I want to say all you have said to me (and everyone on my other posts) I have truly taken to heart and it means so much to me you would take the time to reply to me.

    Like, I had therapy on Monday and I talked about my embarrassment about needing these tests and such since I had gone nearly a year without a truly big ha break down. My therapist reminded me that I had faced a difficult time and I had lost my trust in myself. That I needed a positive experience to build myself up again- and that's what I plan to do. I know there's gonna be down points, more panic attacks that might feel like the end- but I'll be able to remind and support myself once again like I could have in the past.

    Plus, I know not everyone gets good news so I'm so lucky with being told I have a healthy heart and how he actually listened to me with my questions. I didn't feel look down on when I explained how I felt - sorry for gushing so much it's just I feel like I was listened to and supported.

    I'm going to take in day by day, I still have that opp to go through in January and we'll see what happens after that but I know my heart is kicking- and even after everything I'm still kicking too! That I can rebuild now without a "fear" hanging over me. That while a racing heart might be scary....or I feel breathless....or dizzy...I can remind myself I know it's not going to end me. I can learn again how to be stronger and stronger everytime I have to deal with it. That I can and will get through this and get back to where I once was!

    Once again, thank you all so much for reading and replying x

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    Re: Being sent to see Cardiologist


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