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    Re: Citalopram Diary 3rd round

    Quote Originally Posted by keta View Post
    Will have review with GP in a week time so possibly increasing to 20mg.
    It should definitely be increased to 20mg. Taking ADs at sub, or borderline therapeutic doses for extended periods can increase the risk of the med pooping-out as there may be repeated interruptions to the neurogenesis mechanism by with ADs work if plasma levels drop to below that required to sustain the process.

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    Re: Citalopram Diary 3rd round

    5 weeks
    Seen the doc on Monday , she was against increasing my dose to 20mg, she wants me to concentrate more on relaxation etc as tablets are no answer to my anxiety problems, which I guess she is right about.
    So I will just stick to 10mg for now, I have some group therapy coming up in February as well and she said we can review again in 3 months time.
    I feel bit more calmer at the moment , sleep is still hit & miss , last night I slept quite well but most nights I m up a lot.
    No stomach issues apart from more wind in my stomach , lot of rumbling & noises .
    Heightened anxiety has also settled now.
    Other side effects mainly my sex drive has gone to nada, but I remember that got better eventually too.

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