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Thread: Panic over TC again! This is getting too much!

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    Panic over TC again! This is getting too much!

    Had throat issues for a couple months which is fine now but I had this feeling like there was something at the back of my throat, accepted the docs saying can't see nothing then I checked today and almost threw up with fear as I'm sure I saw something.

    I'm literally sick of this worry and I've got up to 6 months wait to speak to someone from the well-being service. Starting to feel defeated by it
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    Re: Panic over TC again! This is getting too much!

    If the docs say they see nothing wrong, stop checking. I get that feeling occasionally that something is at the back of my throat - I think everyone does. It eventually clears up. I last had it this past weekend, and it turned out it was because I was coming down with a cold and my throat was irritated from the virus.

    Six months is a long time to wait to talk to someone. You've always got us at this forum to talk to, though.

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