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Thread: Pushed really hard during workout...scared of rhabdo!

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    Re: Pushed really hard during workout...scared of rhabdo!

    Don't worry, you'd know if you had Rhabdo, as someone else wrote, it's so increadibly painful there wouldn't be any doubt and you'd be rushed to the hospital.
    I read somewhere that it's a badge of honor in the Crossfit community

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    Re: Pushed really hard during workout...scared of rhabdo!

    Hey there. I had rhabdomyolysis in April from doing way to many pull ups. Itís most common with eccentric exercises. I workout a lot and have been sore many many times from working out, but the only reason I knew something was wrong was because my arms were swollen and I could not extend them. It was also extremely painful. I went to the ER that night and got pumped with IV fluids and I was fine within a few days. My kidneys are also fine and working as they should

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