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Thread: Buspirone as an addition to an SSRI

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    Buspirone as an addition to an SSRI

    How well does buspirone work as an addition to SSRIs for anxiety? And why doesn’t it work so well if you have been using benzodiazepines beforehand?

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    Re: Buspirone as an addition to an SSRI

    I suggest you move your thread onto the Med board because panic_down_under knows all about this and has frequently cited how they can work together so he will be able to answer your questions.
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    Re: Buspirone as an addition to an SSRI

    Hi Windywel,

    how are you?

    i meant to ask- are you on Facebook? There may be a citalopram group on there. I joined a fluoxetine group and I found lots of people were very positive and supportive. Also check out reviews of citalopram online- they seem very positive too.

    keep us posted with how you are getting on x

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