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Thread: Groin pain.

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    Groin pain.

    Hi Iím wondering if anyone can give my any ideas. Iím not panicking Iím just getting mildly worried. For three months I have had a pain in my groin spreading out to top of leg. I am having physio which is doing nothing. But physio and dr say itís muscular. It only hurts when I lift my leg to get into a car. Getting dressed. Going up stairs. If someone lifts my leg for me it doesnít hurt only when I have to bear the weight myself. Iím not particularly active. But I do a lot of driving. Itís not going away and Iím starting to get concerned. Should I ask for a scan/mri? Mum died 3 months ago from a mis diagnosed cancer so you can see where my brain is starting to go. She had a bad back. And was told ďjust muscularĒ I wonít go into details as I donít want to frighten anyone. Any ideas would greatly help. Thank you

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    Re: Groin pain.

    I am feeling the same thing right now. I move my left leg to right, to the left, out to the front and back. Lifting my leg to get in the car it really hurts. Its been about 3 weeks, and I see my doc in 4 weeks, as long as it doesnt get any worse, I guess I will wait for my appointment. I dont feel any bumps or lumps. It really does feel like a pulled muscle. Just wanted you to know your not alone.

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    Re: Groin pain.

    Groin strain. Can take ages to clear up. 3 weeks is nothing.

    Why on earth would you ask for an MRI? Dr and physio have diagnosed it. Treat it and don't try and make something out of nothing

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