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    Erectile issues? (22 years old)

    Bsically as the title says, over the last week I have felt it harder than usual to get an erection and it isn't of the same fullness I feel. I still manage to get hard but takes more effort, and if say girl flirts with me my buddy down there does show some signs of life, and managed to climax too. But just feel concerned. I don't know whether I may have overstrained it lately due to frequent mastrbation or gave it a slight injury while doing so. I realize I'm getting anxious which further compounds the problem.

    Regard health, I have no medical conditions, don't take any medications ( had a cold the past week), and don't smoke nor drink and am slightly udnerwieght (weight 60kgs).

    Has this happened to anyone else or am I maybe over-worrying? Like I said before, it's not dead, but it's not as great as I'd like it. Should I perhaps give it a break for a few days? My father a doctor but feel awakwrd,talking about this issue you know?

    Thanks fr any help

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    Re: Erectile issues? (22 years old)


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