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Thread: MRI next week

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    MRI next week

    I'm due to have MRi to rule out any tumours like acoustic neuroma due to Pulsatile and hissing tinitus plus dizziness getting worse. Not only am I of course worried about them finding someting but the thought of the tube scanner. feel claustrophobic and I panic if Im not to move.They won't let me go to an open one as said pictures are not as clear. Wondering what music might be best to lsten too. How loud is it. Do you till get ear phones on if its for your ear?! I have bad ectopic palpitations anyway and I know they will be wore once I'm in there! Help!

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    Re: MRI next week

    Hi nigela
    I was in the same boat as you last week. I literally worked myself up into a right mess. My advise for you is to ask for an eye mask or maybe bring your own. I did this and I was absolutely fine. It is a little loud but so is a hoover! Please try not to fret, I nearly fell asleep in there. Best of luck. 😁

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