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Thread: Round lump on tonsil

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    Round lump on tonsil

    I have looked at my tonsils and have noticed a round lump coming off on of them, like at the top its there. It's the same colour as my tonsil, but I thought they were meant to be completely round. This one isnt its round with the lump at the top:(

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    Re: Round lump on tonsil

    Mine are definitely not perfectly round. One of them is sort of flat on top. Mine have a lot of crypts, which is part of what makes them sort of bumpy/misshapen.

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    Re: Round lump on tonsil

    Yes I have crypts also and get tonsil stones

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    Re: Round lump on tonsil

    Mine have bits poking out all over the place. They aren't usually perfectly round - they have crypts and crevices in them to create a greater surface area to filter bacteria (or at least - that's what they did when you were a kid, they are less useful in adulthood). Mine are extremely cryptic. If you are really worried, go and see a doctor - it'll take 1 minutes for them to tell you all is well and then you can relax

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    Re: Round lump on tonsil

    Tonsils are not perfectly round and vary in different shapes and sizes.

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