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Thread: New job

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    New job

    I have transferred to a different shop but struggling to deal with the change. My days off are different I have to work late. I felt I needed a change sure there is some pros about this job but I was 4 years in the last store so it’s been a big change. Anybody got any tips? Stuff changes but it was me who made the change was I right to do so? The new job is closer to home

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    Re: New job

    last year I decided to change job after 10 years being with the company I was working for. I felt I needed change & new challenge ... I got more than what I bargained for. It took me good 6 months to get used to my new job & routine, but it’s ok now. So I think you made a right decision to change job, because if you were happy it wouldn’t cross your mind in the first place. Good luck

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    Re: New job

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