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Thread: Is an odd sleeping pattern considered normal?

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    Is an odd sleeping pattern considered normal?

    I like to sleep around 3/4am and wake up around 1pm. I'm not one for the morning times, and I prefer the peace and quite at night time when others are sleeping.

    I had a brief period where my meds would KO me and I was sleeping at 11pm and waking at 7/8am. I didn't like those morning times. Now the meds are working their magic and I'm feeling much better my sleeping pattern has reverted it's odd pattern.

    Would you say that's ok and normal if it's causing no problems?

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    Re: Is an odd sleeping pattern considered normal?

    Not sure how to answer this to be honest, as there are some people who have your pattern, some people work nights and sleep all day, some people do this and some people do that. I guess it depends on if it suits your lifestyle and is sustainable. I should think your pattern is certainly not the average, but I kind of get where you are coming from on it - I'm very much a late night and not a morning person. I can happily get on with things and jobs and stuff till the early hours. I can't see the issue with it if you and your partner are ok with it and it doesn't impinge negatively on anything. Personally I would want to try and get into a more 'normal' pattern as it would really throw me on days I have work or appointments, but if you have neither of those then....does it matter so much ? The important part is that you are feeling better and sleeping 8 hours ? Be interesting to hear other perspectives on this.....

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    Re: Is an odd sleeping pattern considered normal?

    I guess everyone is different? When I went through a bad time with sleep. My therapist used to tell me to sleep whenever my body wanted to (and when possible). I also suffer really badly with insomnia, so Im not the best judge to be honest! I normally run off two hours of sleep per I'm abit ot a strange case!

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    Re: Is an odd sleeping pattern considered normal?

    There are lots of studies showing that people who work night shifts have higher correlated rates of heart disease and depression, but correlation is not causation. In Denmark, for instance, working the night shift is recognized as a occupational hazard for developing Breast cancer, but they aren’t sure if it’s artificial light, lack of vitamin D, the disruption to the circadian rhythm, etc that causes it. I honestly don’t think nocturnal behavior in humans not required to work on a night shift has been studied enough.
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