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    Re: Think Im dying of the Rabies ( Have symptoms. )

    NervUS wrote some words above that are so valuable....

    Accept that risk is never zero, and all people live with that circumstance every single day.

    Getting to a place of acceptance is what gets me through HA. And, I do get what you're going through. I have a bat story that would probably make your hair stand on end and I had to put acceptance into action, and it did release me from the fear state I was like paralyzed in after the exposure I and my family had. We have no choice but to accept that we are part of nature, we interface with it, and sometimes it takes us out, and that is just the way it is.
    I want to repeat them because it is something that has liberated this poster from extreme anxiety about a lack of control over perceived risk. Living is a risky business, to each and every one of us, just as it is to the butterflies, birds, dolphins, fish and possums - its part of being alive. The possums don't sit there stressing about 'what ifs' they get on with being alive

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    Re: Think Im dying of the Rabies ( Have symptoms. )

    Thank you all for your kind words! I know this is part of my health anxiety problem, and I know how absurd and ridiculous it can all be, im just thankful that there are others out there who share this burden with me and can keep my mind from wobbling out of control.

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    Re: Think Im dying of the Rabies ( Have symptoms. )

    I hate to say it but welcome to the rabies club.... my scares started in..... 2010 😑 except for when I studied abroad in London... cause well... lucky brits don’t have rabies there...

    I’ve had multiple scratches that looked like bat bites- 3 times cat scratches from stray cats that started the scare... etc etc... ninja bat
    Strikes me about every 3-5 months if you ask my fans on here :/ not trying to be sarcastic- just being real.

    It’s really hard to do this but you need to access your logical brain.. not the what if....

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    Re: Think Im dying of the Rabies ( Have symptoms. )

    Yes, we’ve seen many attacks from Ghost Bat and InvisiBat on here. Their “bites” cause high anxiety, but nothing fatal, fortunately.
    I'm still a work in progress.
    Currently working on: World Domination

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    Re: Think Im dying of the Rabies ( Have symptoms. )

    Yup... I recently noticed a huge bruise with a scratch with what looked like 2 sets of 4 dots “bat fangs” side by side.... have no clue where that came from.... but of course it was a bat...I even managed to have it be itchy and numb for a few days ...
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    Re: Think Im dying of the Rabies ( Have symptoms. )

    Rabies is such a perfect HA disease. It is very rare, 100% fatal without post exposure vaccination, and can have symptoms that are common to anxiety symptoms (tingling, numbness, etc.). I used to fear it. What got me over my irrational rabies fear was pure statistics. There were zero human rabies cases in the U.S. in 2016. In 2017 there were only two. One of those cases was from a dog bite in India and then the person came back to the United States. It is so exceedingly rare that just about any other disease discussed on this message board is hundreds of times more likely to be your affliction than rabies. Trust me, you are not that one or two in 300,000,000 who got rabies.

    Oh and the 100% fatal stat isn't really true anymore. Two patients survived when doctors used something called the Milwaukee Protocol.


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