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Thread: Body freezes up, anxiety symptom?

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    Body freezes up, anxiety symptom?

    So for one its cold here, but cold doesnt bother me so I wear shorts when its 30 farenheit lol.

    But, i notice through the years i get this weird symptom of my body freezing up momentarily.

    Like 2 years ago i worked in a kitchen, was just cutting vegetables and my hand just froze stiff for a second or two, to where i couldnt cut anything for a second.

    Today i went to put my key in keyhole of car and it froze up again. The same thing happened last year when i was trying to unlock house door.

    My limbs do get stiffer in cold weather so i wonder if i have bad circulation. But the freezing up thing terrifies me when it happens.

    Just like 1-2 seconds. Im typing this now with no problems.

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    Re: Body freezes up, anxiety symptom?

    I sometimes get this now and I did quetsion whether it might be something like osteoarthritis. But it might just be a case of passing over that age where my body may need more stretching to ensure it's looser.
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