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    Barium Swallow: Afterwards?

    I have a barium swallow for eleven AM tomorrow, and have to stop eating/drinking in twenty minutes.

    I'm honestly tempted to cancel.

    It's not the test itself I'm afraid of. I know it's painless, just tastes funny.

    It's afterwards.
    I keep reading testimonies and reviews from people who reported horrible stomach pain a week afterwards, complete inability to pass stool, having severe pain a few hours after the test... It's enough to make me bail out. I keep seeing threads here saying "The test was fine!" but nobody is talking about AFTERWARDS.

    I was under the impression I'd just feel kinda queasy but now I really don't know!

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    Re: Barium Swallow: Afterwards?

    I had this done last year and was fine afterwards, absolutely not after effects. Don't cancel, just do it

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    Re: Barium Swallow: Afterwards?

    My stomach has always been more sensitive, too, though is the thing. And I keep seeing people online saying "After a week I felt x" or "SUddenly I was woken up by horrible abdominal pain and discovered it was still in my system!"

    My doctor had a pretty blase attitude when she suggested it, and she didn't even make the appointment herself, just suggested I do it. She kept saying "since there's no pain or trouble breathing or eating..." so just. God, I can't miss work because of a horrible potential side effect - I always have the WORST luck with them too. I took an omeprazole once and felt like a blender went off in my guts for an hour and I know that's NOT supposed to happen!

    Edit: In the end, I had to bail anyway. During the fast my stomach started hurting for food and I couldn't go longer without eating.
    My partner and my father aren't too worried, and told me it was okay, and that they weren't too worried either, like the doctor. But they did make me promise to bite the bullet and do it if after the holiday rush at work, I still have a problem/it starts to hurt.
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