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Thread: Moving with 2 cats. Looking for advice

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    Moving with 2 cats. Looking for advice

    On Thursday this week we are moving to a new home and this is my first move with pets so I'm a bit unsure at what to do and what is best. I have a few options when it comes to moving day as I want to do what will be best, safest and less stressful for my cats.

    My options are -
    1. Me and my cats stay at my mum's house while my husband and his family move the stuff in and then we go to the new home once all the stuff is in and all that is left to do is unpack. My mum has at herself so I know that may stress my own cats out more since cats are very territorial.

    2. Move the cats into the new home an hour or so before the stuff gets moved in so they get a lay of the new land so to speak and when the stuff gets moved in, have things moved in a complete room at a time so say bedroom stuff first and I'll stay in the livingroom with the cats and then we'll switch to the finished room while they work on the next room

    3. Stay at our old home with the cats and stay in a room that isn't getting stuff moved out of at that moment and then switch rooms when needed and go to the new flat once everything is in

    I'm probably over thinking it all. I just want everything to go as smoothly as possible for everyone and my cats are seniors now so I want to keep their stress at bay. They are both indoor cats so I always worry they may escape during the move, that why I'm staying with them at all times

    Have you ever moved with cats? Any tips or advice would be very appreciated! Thanks
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    Re: Moving with 2 cats. Looking for advice

    I think move the cats last.... when the furniture etc is all in, when there is a familiar smell around the place.. then let them explore and get used to where things are in the new environment... they are more resilliant than you think

    good luck
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Moving with 2 cats. Looking for advice

    Yes, I've moved with cats a bunch of times. Move when you have all the furniture in #3. They won't feel safe with strange people moving things in a strange when everything is open to move furniture, it's easy for them to get out and get lost.
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    Re: Moving with 2 cats. Looking for advice

    I moved 6 months ago and went for option 3.
    There's an advantage to that too, because you stay with the cats while others do the moving stuff out.
    Cats adapt very quickly, as long as they know they are with you they will feel safe. x

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    Re: Moving with 2 cats. Looking for advice

    I moved with cats, my boy Dylan was very confident and took everything in his stride so he was allowed free access to everything, the only time he wasnt was when he was in the car (he stayed in his carrier)

    When I moved here with the two cats I had at that time, I put both of them in the kitchen while we got everything in then when everything was in and the door was closed they was allowed out to explore (boy cat Tom got grumpy about the move, and during the move with did have a escape from my girl cat Ebony, both loves are gone now though, health problems took them)
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