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    Partners testicle pain

    My partner has had sharp pains in his testicle for two weeks now and sometimes his lower back. Obviously I'm worried about testicular cancer. He had same issue this time last year and was given antibiotics. He's had it sporadically since with months in between.

    Can any males shed any light?

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    Re: Partners testicle pain

    This is a question for a GP to be honest.

    Could be a number of (benign) things.

    My nuts hurt if I sit in the car too long. Lower back pain and nut pain often happen together.

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    Re: Partners testicle pain

    Has he checked for any lumps?

    Pain/aching on its own isn't a symptom of anything unless it's chronic or severe.

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    Re: Partners testicle pain

    does your partner know you are posting on here regarding his health? especially as I am guessing this may not be one he would want made public.

    but yes he should go see his GP about it if he is worried about it..
    Emmz xx

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    Re: Partners testicle pain

    Funny I just heard that ACDc track. Big Balls
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    Re: Partners testicle pain

    LOVE the avatar, venusbluejeans! That should be said at the beginning of every response to every health anxiety post, and a good deal of the other longer threads too.

    But it still wouldn't hit home, of course...

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    Re: Partners testicle pain


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    Re: Partners testicle pain

    He needs to see his Dr and get checked out, then this stress can stop.

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